Outside, Free, Live + Online

50 local artists
20 multimedia activations
1 big art street party

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BE Involved: Contribute to Your Community

Do you live, work or play in the Gastown, Railtown, Chinatown or waterfront area? Do you heart Gastown and its unique vibe? Want to support our local creative and cultural community? Are you a Brief Encounters fan?

New Ways to Experience Live Art

Over 2, BE Gastown, produced by Brief Encounters (a non-profit, registered charity) and Gastown, transforms one of Vancouver's favourite neighbourhoods into an art-street-party event.

Working with 50 diverse local Metro Vancouver artists, design firms, architects, fashion designers, programmers and filmmakers, BE Gastown engages audiences, residents and passersby via live performance, immersive installations, multimedia projections and beyond.

This FREE event brings viewers, performers, citizens and city closer together, inviting us to encounter art + our city in new ways.

Live art can affect places forever! Contribute to new ways to experience live art.

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Where Does My Donation Go?

  • Providing facilities and equipment for our 50 local artists as they collaboratively co-create activations for the event.
  • Providing training resources, locations supplies and safety equipment for our volunteer teams before and throughout the 2 night event, and helping us provide them with amazing volunteer appreciation party after the 2 night event.
  • Providing support to our BE Gastown administrative and production team as they coordinate the logistics of this FREE event.
  • Honouring the memory, living example or cause of someone or a group you care about. BE Gastown will acknowledge your donation accordingly, just be sure to mention the person or cause you intend your donation to honour, in the “Dedicate Your Donation” part of the online form.
  • Contributing to our shared community by help increase interdisciplinary collaboration sharing and understanding, in Vancouver and beyond.

We’re Grateful for Your Donation!

  • Receive a tax receipt: A registered charity, Brief Encounters issues donation (tax) receipts for donations more than $25.00.
  • Receive public acknowledgment: All donors’ names are acknowledged on our website. If you don’t wish your name to be made public, just click to select the “Anonymity” check box in the online form and only your donation amount will be sent to us and appear on our website.
  • Receive appreciation: From our BE Gastown administration team, our partners, participating artists, and our audience! There’s a post-event Appreciation Party where we celebrate and thank you for your contribution to your community and local artists—with some great food and drinks from our community partners and sponsors, cool item giveaways from Gastown vendors, and door prizes!

Donate Now